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Consulting Services:

$135/hr for ongoing consulting services and research
$1,200/day for Institutional Consulting for Museums, Foundations, Corporations or Trusts. Travel not included.
Collector’s Club Membership Level: Consulting Services are included in their membership. Travel not included.

If you’re looking for a specific artwork or type of art, let our team find a selection of examples for you to consider. Join Salon D’Art at the Collector’s Club Membership level today to take advantage of our purveying and collection building services.

We use our pedigree to find a selection of artwork for you to choose from based on your preferences. Salon D’Art has a proven track record of delivering results for all of our collectors at every level. We can find sculptures, paintings, and works on paper or a collection tailored to a desired genre, scope, or price point.

Our curatorial team has the combined experience of over 95 years pursuing art in various ways. Leading our team is Suleyman Cooke, who alone has over 25 years of education, experience, and networking in the visual arts. Learn more about his expertise by clicking here. Since its founding in 2002, Salon D’Art has taken pride in meeting our client’s highest expectations.

Projects and Highlights:

About our collection:
One of the largest private collections of art on paper in California
Additional parts of collection include: photography, paintings, ceramics, and sculpture
Entirely privately owned
90% acquired in France
Art is acquired unframed
Excellent condition
Acquisition Standards are higher than most museums
Curator’s Criteria include:

  • Quality
  • Uniqueness
  • Authenticity
  • Rarity
  • Beauty

Art on Paper:
Limited editions (1st Ed and 2nd Ed)
Created in the lifetime of the artist
Signed and unsigned
Numbered and Unnumbered
Lithographs – Limestone, Mourlot Studio, Paris, France.
Old and Modern Master Drawings

Curation Expertise:
Created Master Drawings Program in 2009
Research Programs – European Modern Masters and Picasso’s graphic work
Developed and maintains trusted art sources 20+ years
Expert in identifying types of paper
Cross references with other experts
Expert in determining the authenticity of signatures
Extensive knowledge of editions, printers, publishers, and collaborators for Modern masters
Museum Consulting Experiences:
Qatar Museum, 2011-12
King Abdullah Aziz Center for the Arts 2010
Met Museum, NY, 2007, 2022
Walters Museum, Baltimore, 2015, 2022
Qatar Museum consultation, 2023

Purveyance of Fine Art Experience:
United States of America, Presidential Commission, President Obama
United States of America, State Department Gift
Saudi Aramco CEO retirement Gift 2011

Exhibits Consulting Experience:
China, Xiamen 2016, included a 55 piece exhibit of Western Art (Modern Masters, Pop Art, and Contemporary Art)
Crow Collection, Asian Art Museum, Dallas, Texas

Home Visit: San Francisco Bay and Greater Los Angeles areas, California

Non-Members: $135
Members: $59
The above fees may be credited toward any purchase of artwork during the home visit

Enjoy a 3-hour home-viewing with up to 15 artworks
Bring the Gallery Exhibit experience exclusively to your home. Have a Salon D’Art team visit your home for an intimate and private showing of a hand-chosen selection of artworks from our collection that are curated to your taste. We provide a unique immersion in art and culture, and the conversation about art. To begin selecting your artwork contact us to schedule your home viewing.

Commission a Work of Art:

Starting at $3,500 for a custom artwork by Design By Authority

Commissioning an important emerging California artist to create a unique piece of art specifically for your needs is a great way to complete a space and create a lasting memory. The commission can tie a collection together, or give a space a truly special and one-of-a-kind look.

Design By Authority, represented exclusively by Salon D’ Art, allows you to consult directly with her to choose from a wide variety of themes and media to create works of art with personal meaning. Let’s discuss the scope of your project, contact us today.