Shipping and Framing details


Framing for Bought Artworks

All the artworks are sold with a custom frame. Prices listed include a custom frame.


Shipping and Logistics

Let us handle shipping. Salon D’Art will professionally pack and ship your artwork anywhere in the world you are located. Your artwork will be packed by a trained professional and then shipped via FedEx domestic or international. Our staff will oversee the shipment of your artwork and ensure that it arrives safely to your door. All shipments sent from Salon D’Art are fully insured to your door.

Domestic Shipping Rates (Inside the US):
Small (Size up to 33″ x 28″ x 2″) $325
Medium (Size up to 39″ x 32″ x 3″) $465
Large (Size up to 50″ x 40″ x 3″) $625


International Shipping Rates (Outside the US):

To be quoted separately. Once you place your order, our client services team will calculate your shipping costs and email you within 24hrs with a quote. If the quote does not meet your satisfaction you will not be obligated to continue with the purchase. Keep in mind, our International Shipping rates are competitive and are updated to meet current pricing standards.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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