Private Sales


Our private sales service provides a unique opportunity for both novice and seasoned buyers. Our curatorial team matches buyers with sellers of important original paintings by tapping its worldwide resources. The process is confidential and discreet. A private sale ensures the certainty of fixed pricing unlike the volatility of the auction market. Our decades of experience, depth of knowledge and access to recognized experts ensures our selection of original paintings is of the highest quality. Paintings are available from private sellers by Impressionist, Old Master, Modern and Contemporary artists. We invite you to contact [email protected] to learn more about current buying and selling opportunities.

The Process

1) The first step in the process is for the Buyer (and their representative(s)) to sign our Non-Disclosure agreement. This assures the Seller that the images of the artwork provided to the Buyer (and their representative(s)) are kept confidential and remain in the possession of those associated directly with the acquisition.

2) Next our team shall secure, from private sources, the highest quality and most viable option based upon the criteria and price range enumerated by the Buyer. The image of the artwork and its fixed price are then sent to the Buyer for review.

3) The Buyer requests provenance information of the artwork they are interested in acquiring. The Buyer should conduct their due diligence once receiving the provenance.

4) The Buyer agrees to acquire the artwork at the stated fixed price. Then a purchase agreement between the Buyer and Salon D’Art shall be provided to the Buyer. The Buyer may request the sale be “predicated on viewing” the artwork in person, allowing inspection and expert analysis. Costs include, but are not limited to: rental of private viewing room, bonded insurance, travel, transport, shipping, packing, and expert analysis. The Buyer shall pay all the costs associated with the viewing prior to the actual viewing.

5) The purchase agreement is executed and the entire fixed price amount of the artwork is transferred by the Buyer to a U.S. Escrow account with Wells Fargo Bank. The Buyer shall pay all the costs and fees associated with establishing the Escrow account.

6) Viewing the artwork: The Buyer may bring anyone they desire to review the artwork and conduct their due diligence. The viewing is required to take place in the United States. The artwork is often shipped from international locations.

7) After full payment is secured by the Seller, the artwork is released to the Buyer. The Buyer shall be responsible to pay any commissions owed to their representative(s).